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Language Leader Pre Intermediate Решебник

Present simple and presenl conlrnuous

Present perfect and past simple

Present perfect continuous Present perfect simple and conil n uous

EXTRA LANCUACE: first and second conditional

Defi ning relative clauses Relative clauses

Expressions of quantity Infinitives and -ing forms

Third conditional Modal perfects EXTRA LANCUACE: review of conditionals


A biographical profile

Phrasal verbs (1)


travel ohrasal verbs

An information leaflet

READ BETTER: guessing words

prepositions, noun combinations

Phrasal verbs (2)

phrasal verbs for studying

Business words and terms


READ BETTER: reading for

Words from the lesson


engineering, word building

Words from the lesson

Phrasal verbs (3)

Words from the lesson

Words connected with arts


talking about films

Words from the lesson

People in crime EXTRA VOCABULARY: types of crime

, elrout celebrities [ [TER: dictation

—:,lbout Robert Byron

:: BETTER: taking notes

i]ŁT IER: Iistening for nT0rn.tatton

.tr.l’rent for a college c)\

lion rvith a career

n of obiects -ler\ tew

rr ith a fashion

-ed endings Contracted forms

Stressing a key word

Stressing words for emphasis

Sentences with relative clauses

Ker’ l.rnguaBe: Civing opinions,

Taking notes n,hile reading

agreeing .rncl disagreeing

Cclmparatir c essav

Key language: Discussing

Taking notes while listening

advantages and disadvantages

A biographical profile

Key language: Asking

questions, givingi ansrvers

Key language: Accepting and

tables and charts

reiecting ideas, considering

LEARN BETTER: different

strategies to learn new words

Key language: A presentation Using vour dictionarv

A formal letter TRANSLATION

Key language: Negotiation

Formal and informal language


Kcv Ianguage: Des ‘

instead of writing ‘is greater than’.

the fact that evervone

is talking about climate change and global warming, rve don’t seem to be doing much to solve the problem.

Manv men become managers. This is

take career breaks.

many women take career breaks

to have children.

/ t()s up. six is probably the nr;lximum nurnber of people Vou want on most

, women are probably

drivers than men.

3 A student is writing two paragraphs for an essay titled:’Are women better at working in teams than men?’Write these missing sentences in the correct places in the paragraph.

a) womcn make dccisions more slowlv

b)thev also enjov being in groups

c) they like to lead groups

e) nren are more likely to disagree and argue

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